About Us

Our passion for Longhorns has grown since 2010 from that of a simple weekend hobby interest to a lifetime focus. We started by looking for just some cows to buy for our land and came across an ad online with longhorns for sale. These longhorns were nothing special by any means, but once we had longhorns on our own property, we were just mesmerized. Every weekend, we were amazed by the virtue of the fact that we had our own longhorns.

After a while, we wondered, "What other longhorns are out there besides the three head of cattle that was in our pasture?" Therefore, we started looking online by researching the variety, and number of longhorns at other ranches across the United States. We then focused on looking for a breeder in the Central Texas area and identified Glen Clinard who then graciously provided a pasture tour. After seeing his cows in comparison to ours, it was evident that we had a long way to go. The tour at Clinard Longhorns was the beginning of a remarkable shift in the strategy and pursuit of excellence that our ranch has adopted in focusing on the "total package" longhorn.

In 2011, we sold our original three petite "pet" cows and invested in authentic longhorns that were worth discussing. Since then, it has been our privilege to meet, network and establish mutually beneficial business relationships with some of the best Registered Texas Longhorn Breeders in the industry. Our Ranch has continued to improve and thrive over the years. As our knowledge of breeding, genetics and nutrition have increased, the love of our longhorns has grown to our family. We are grateful to all of the breeders that we have been fortunate enough to meet and look forward to meeting more. Please feel free to contact us anytime.

Nate Schumpert